2013-10-17 / Opinion

Let's Deal with Reality, Not Fiction

To the Editor:

I don't think you really want to divert NTW's mission from Newport to the nation, but since you've published Mr. Cicilline's letter you must, in justice, publish replies.

In a rare opportunity for dialogue and compromise, such as that being offered by the Republicans in Congress, I agree with Mr. Cicilline's fundamental thesis, that we must speak out in conscience if we are not to be burdened with the guilt of our inaction. By all means, put up or shut up.

But that is where our agreement ends.

Fundamentally, there is a huge divergence in this nation between reality and myth, fact and fiction. And the cause is political correctness: Disney-esque denial of immutable facts in favor of completely fabricated opinions for the purpose of "being nice."

Furthermore, there is huge ignorance of the most fundamental principles of investigation: using facts in a logical manner to reach supportable conclusions.

Let me acquaint everyone with some immutable facts:

• Mathematics concerns facts. You cannot wish away math. If you spend 31 bazillions and only make 25 bazillions, you cannot pay off your debts, EVER. This government spends half again what it earns. It has increased the national debt by half again in only five years. These are facts.

• Meanwhile, we are spending more bazillions giving them away to foreign and domestic people and governments who give us nothing in return, except more "friends of." These are facts.

• Legality is not equivalent to morality. That is a fact.

• Law is not immutable. Morals are. If a law is wrong then it must be changed. Obamacare is a terrible law and is being excused left and right for the "friends of" the president and his ilk. If it can be excused for his friends, then it can be excused for everyone. The opposition is doing everything in its power to meet this fundamental moral obligation of changing a fundamentally bad law.

• Obamacare may have been "designed to help," but it is failing dismally because the design is fundamentally flawed. No employer in his right mind is going to pay for benefits for one worker employed over 40 hours a week when he can hire two employees at under 40 hours a week and get twice the work at half the cost. Unless he is someone being "nice." And that is precisely what is happening to the most disenfranchised people among us. Furthermore, doctors are going into retirement in hordes because they will no longer be able to earn a living. These are facts.

So knock it off. Let's deal with reality, not fiction.

I agree with Mr. Cicilline, indeed: write the government. Tell them to get the people on the dole back to work, by building a national rail or something, but stop giving away my money. Balance the budget, with hefty payments to pay off the debt. If it works for my bank and me, it can work for the government.

Stop being "nice." Instead, get real. C. Andrews Lavarre


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