2013-10-17 / Around Town

Middletown Democrats Honored

By Jonathan Clancy

Robert Silva with his wife, Carolyn. Robert Silva with his wife, Carolyn. On Monday, Oct. 14, the Middletown Democratic Town Committee held their annual Democratic Woman and Man of the Year luncheon. This year they honored Lucy Levada and Robert Silva for their commitment and dedication to the Democratic Party and to the town. The committee believed that the ideals, values, passion, and indestructible spirit of the Democratic Party were well displayed by these two individuals.

Levada served two terms on the Middletown Town Council, with one term as vice president. She also sat on the town's zoning board for 26 years. Although Levada passed away last month, her husband, Al, was on hand with other family members to accept the award on her behalf.

Silva served on the town council for 15 years, with seven of them as president. He is currently the chair of the Middletown Economic Development Committee, where he has been active for many years.

Democratic Town Committee Chairman Robert J. Sylvia said, “Bob and Lucy are truly the old guard. They have always supported the Democratic Party as active supporting committee members as well as public servants. I would also like to thank the Levada and Silva families for their understanding and support over the years, and for making it possible for Lucy and Bob to devote time to the Democratic Party and the town that they both loved and served.”

Silva and the Levada family received a large framed photograph of Boyd’s Windmill from esteemed local photographer and Middletown Town Solicitor Michael Miller. Providence Mayor Angel Taveras was the keynote speaker for the event, and he too went home with a photo of the windmill. “I will be hanging this in my office and then hopefully it will go in a bigger building in Providence,” Taveras said.

“I’m pretty much speechless, believe it or not,” said Silva during his acceptance speech, which gave the crowd a laugh. “I want to thank everyone who took the time on such a beautiful Columbus Day to honor Lucy and me.”

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