2013-10-03 / Opinion

Where is Rome Kirby?

To the Editor:

I enjoyed Tom Shevlin's article in last week's edition on Team Oracle winning the America's Cup; however, I am a bit baffled as to your choice of photos accompanying the article. As the article mentioned, the only actual American who was sailing on the Oracle boat when they won was Rome Kirby– a born and bred Newporter! I was quite surprised not to see him pictured on the front page, especially considering that your reporter quite accurately described him as "one of the sport's brightest young stars." It seems that, as a local interest paper, you may have missed an opportunity to highlight such a remarkable achievement by one of our own young residents.

Abby Sayer Vellucci

Editor's Note: Last week's issue was printed just a few short hours after the race results were announced. The only photos available to us were those from a national newsfeed. We plan to ask the Kirby family more about their unique experiences with the Cup.

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