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Hyatt Hotel Seeks to Add 25-Slip Marina

By Tom Shevlin

Some potentially big changes could be coming to Newport’s harborscape.

The Hyatt Regency on Goat Island has formally requested permission from the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) to construct a 25-slip marina off the northeast corner of its property.

According to plans on file with CRMC, One Goat Island LLC, which operates the Hyatt Regency Newport, is hoping to expand its current marina just north of the Goat Island causeway with a new, larger facility that would include 505 feet of floating docks, a “water sports float,” a wave attenuator, 127 feet of touch-and-go dockage, and a 94- foot fixed pier.

If approved, the marina would require that four city-owned moorings within its Point mooring field be relocated.

According to Harbormaster Tim Mills, the new dock would extend eastward approximately 275 feet from the existing bulkhead, projecting out another 230 feet to the north-northwest. At that point, it would turn back towards Goat Island another 95 feet, creating an “L”-shaped configuration that would come close to the existing navigational channel through the center span of the Goat Island causeway.

Stopping short of recommend- ing for or against the project, Mills noted that if the plan is approved by CRMC, the city will likely have to rearrange the existing mooring field. He also cautioned that if not done properly, the project could have potentially negative consequences for nearby mooring holders.

“The proposed site has some exposure from the north, creating a need to have some type of wave attenuating floats to provide protection to the marina when the weather is coming out of the northwest. Depending on the type, this could adversely affect the moorings adjacent to the wave attenuator.”

The project, which is outlined in plans created by Barringtonbased Harbor Engineering, dates back to 2010, when records show site engineering was first begun.

Anyone wishing to object to the proposed project must notify the commission in writing prior to Oct. 4. Comments may be directed to the Department of Environmental Management, Office of Water Resources c/o Terry Walsh, 235 Promenade St., Providence, RI 02908.

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