2013-09-05 / Opinion

Pell School Success is Critical

To the Editor:

We can surely agree that education and learning are truly the most blissful and productive of life’s necessary activities. The City of Newport took a giant step in advancing learning in the very truest sense when the Pell School opened and especially when our children entered the new building, took their seats, and instruction began. That happened on Thursday, Sept. 5, with the official opening of the new Pell School.

In anticipation, our community celebrated with a ribbon cutting, a band and speeches to commemorate the opening of Pell School, Rhode Island’s largest and newest elementary school. This was truly a very big deal for our community, our state, and, most importantly, for our children. We all can be very proud.

With the opening of this most vital community resource, all the school district’s talents and energies will be available in one site ready to address the needs of our youngest in a state of the art, energy efficient, 21st century educationally–advanced facility. Going forward, the city’s real future educational and economic advancement is inextricably rooted and dependent on the success of the Pell School.

Finally, if truth be told, we can acknowledge that the City of Newport has made some significant advances in the last 10 to 15 years throughout the city, in many different ways, but none will be more important than the opening and eventual success of Pell School. Absolutely none. It’s not even close.

Dave Wixted


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