2013-09-05 / Opinion

Heed Public Opinion

To the Editor:

With regard to The Breakers proposed visitors centre, where my brother and I spent the war years living with my grandmother, Countess Szechenyi, I believe that she would be spinning in her grave if she had any idea about the current proposal to vandalise her garden by building a visitors centre.

I would support a visitors centre in town which would support all the historical houses of Newport and the people who live in Newport. To build it at The Breakers would be an act of needless vandalism of the highest order.

In this country we have considerable experience of handling visitors to our stately homes. The families who own or live in these houses, and who participate in the running of them, have the full backing of English Heritage, The National Trust, and especially with the general public. When all professional and public forums seem to scream "DON’T BUILD" I’m at a loss to see why the Preservation Society doesn’t listen?

The Honourable

Robin Finch Hatton Town House Farm House

West Sussex

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